Yacht Management and Maintenance

Maintaining and ensuring the upkeep of your boat throughout the year is of utmost importance. Yachting Sotogrande understands clients are not always close by or available to ensure the constant maintenance, cleaning and safety of their boat is in order.

Our Yacht Management Programme involves regular inspections of bilges, battery power levels and filter checks, as well ensuring that fenders and bow/stern lines are constantly intact and chaff free.  Together with all of this, boats are professionally washed and chamoised down weekly and staff are on standby for storm watches.

Included In This Service

  • Visually inspect bilges.
  • Visually check fuel/water filters.
  • Check engine oil and water levels.
  • Check shore power connection/battery charger.
  • Periodically run engines (under load if poss.).
  • Periodically run generators/thrusters.
  • Run air-conditioning units if installed.
  • Run electrical systems/heads etc.
  • Check all stern lines for chaff/security.
  • Check bow mooring lines for chaff/security/tension.
  • Reinforce lines during storms.
  • Check fender heights and positioning.
  • Weekly exterior wash with a wash/wax soap.
  • Air the boat (i.e. open hatches if not raining; empty dehumidifier if supplied).


Price per month on Length Over All (Minimum Fee €360)

Up to 40’            €9.50 per foot

41’- 45’.               €9.75 per foot

46’- 50’                €10.00 per foot

51’- 55’                €12.00 per foot

Over 55’             Negotiable.

Add 50% for Catamarans/Trimarans.

Other services, such as Deliveries, Haul-outs, Maintenance, Bright work, Interior detailing etc, are also offered at reasonable prices

Prices are Ex. IVA and may vary according to boat design/accessories. Yachting Sotogrande Charters SL is in no way responsible for the overall safety and sea worthiness of the vessel, this falls solely on the owner.

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