Corporate Charter (Motor Cruisers)

The aim of these events is to give employees or clients a trip out on a motor cruiser to experience the beauty of our coastline and the surrounding landscapes. It gives all involved a chance to build business relationships in a new environment whilst enjoying a chilled cocktail and gourmet snacks.

OPTION 1 – Corporate charter to Ceuta (11h00 – 19h00)

A leisurely cruise to Ceuta, taking in the spectacular views of Gibraltar and the Spanish coast, then continuing across the Straits of Gibraltar enjoying the abundance of dolphin activity and other sea life.

Once in Ceuta, enjoy a fantastic meal with fine cuisine and friendly ambience. Later a promenade around the historic fort and mote while appreciating the breathtaking views of the Spanish/Moorish Architecture and surrounding landscapes. Gentle sundown cruise back to Sotogrande with cocktails and aperitifs.

(10 – 12 people per boat)

OPTION 2 – Moroccan charter (10h00 – 19h00)

A cruise from Spain via Gibraltar, across the Straits and along the African coastline to Marina Smir.  Taking in the spectacular views and playful dolphins.  Once in Smir: transport into the old Moroccan city of Tetouan, visiting the kazbah’s, local markets, carpet houses and spice shops. Then onto lunch in a beautifully traditional Moroccan restaurant.

Gentle sundown cruise back to Sotogrande with cocktails and aperitifs.

(10 – 12 people per boat)

OPTION 3 – Sunset cruise 3 hours (Time to be arranged)

Our luxury motor cruisers will take you off for the evening on a memorable voyage filled with spectacular views, refreshing cocktails and magnificent dolphin viewing while taking in a colourful Spanish sunset!

(10 – 12 people per boat)

NotePlease contact us for quotes and yacht choices. Off Season Discount for Motor Cruisers – 20% (November – March).

Included in price: Motor Cruisers, skipper, hostess, all diesel, mooring fees and refreshments/snacks on board. Tour guide and transport in Morocco.  All events can be tailor-made to suite your company’s requirements. Including venues, number of passengers and events timetable.  We can accommodate bigger or smaller parties so please do not hesitate to contact us for more details

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