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A second legal casino is preparing to open in Odessa. The place for gambling will be located in the "Passage" hotel, which is at the intersection of Deribasovskaya and Ekaterininskaya streets. This is reported by Vgorode link.

On the windows of the "Passage" there has already appeared an advertisement for a casino that is about to open there.

According to the advertisement, the institution belongs to the First casino chain.

As noted in the company, not a casino will appear in the Passage, but bookmakers and slot machines. The law allows the placement of halls with slot machines in hotels that have three stars, and casinos can only operate in four to five-star hotels.

At the moment, there are 10 establishments of this company operating in Ukraine in nine cities, including a gambling establishment already opened in Odessa at the Gagarinn hotel.

For lovers of gambling, several halls have been allocated on the territory of the hotel. Among them there are also private rooms, hidden from strangers. Ten roulette tables, 40 card and poker tables, as well as hundreds of slot machines were organized for visitors.

On the territory of gambling, we have already noticed many well-known residents of Odessa - former and current deputies, directors of large companies and institutions.

However, in establishments, you should forget about selfies and other types of photography - all this is strictly prohibited.